cerebral cortex projection neuron development, diversity, disease and regeneration

Current Members

Group shot of Macklis Lab members outside the Center for European Studies in 2019

Principal Investigator

Photo of Jeffrey D. Macklis

Jeffrey Macklis investigates molecular controls and mechanisms over neuron subtype specification, development, diversity, axon guidance-circuit formation, and pathology in the cerebral cortex. His lab seeks to apply developmental controls toward brain and spinal cord regeneration and directed differentiation for in vitro mechanistic modeling using human assembloids.

Graduate Students

Photo of Priya Veeraraghavan

I am investigating mechanisms of RNA regulation in neurons, focusing on axonal transport in cortical projection neurons.

Photo of Ji-Yoon Kim

I am interested in investigating the molecular mechanisms underlying the development of cerebral cortex associative neurons and their circuitry.

Photo of Tien Tran

I am interested in the contribution of local translational control to the development and diversity of neurons and their circuitry.

Photo of Dustin Tillman

I investigate how subcellular regulation of growth cone proteins leads to the construction of highly precise neural circuitry during cortical development.

Photo of Mariale Vincent Allende

I am investigating the development of corticospinal projection neurons as well as their regeneration after spinal cord injury at the molecular level.

Postdoctoral Scientists

Photo of Yasuhiro Itoh

I am interested in the molecular mechanisms underlying how neuronal axons find their appropriate path during projection, and subsequently their postsynaptic targets to form intricate circuits.

Photo of Omer Durak

I am interested in understanding the molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying the establishment of callosal projection neuron (CPN) circuitry, and the role of CPN in disease-relevant social and cognitive behavior.

Photo of Manuel Peter

I am interested in the assembly and function of neuronal circuits during human cortical development, and I am especially interested in the molecular mechanisms that determine neuronal identity and function.

Photo of Anne Engmann

I am interested in molecular pathways regulating axonal outgrowth and guidance of corticospinal motor neurons during development, and following injury to the central nervous system.

Photo of John Froberg

I use novel sequencing strategies to understand multiple aspects of RNA biology in cortical neurons and growth cones.

Undergraduate Students

Photo of Huong Le

I am investigating potentially subtype-diverse function of the protein TDP-43 in cortical projection neurons.

Photo of Esther Chai

I am working to identify subcellular components that function in subtype-specific neuronal growth cones to enable proper neural circuitry formation.

Support Scientists

Photo of Melody Ross

I am applying my background in yeast genetics and molecular biology to multiple molecular and genetics related projects.

Photo of Holly McKee

Utilizing my background in genetics and stem cell biology, I support investigations into the molecular mechanisms of neurodevelopment and circuitry.

Photo of Duane Nguyen

By applying my skills and previous experiences in cellular and development neurobiology, I aim to contribute towards research in sub-type neuronal development and specification and regenerative spinal cord injury modeling.

Photo of Megi Hoxha

I am utilizing my knowledge from undergrad and skills in behavioral neuroscience to assist in investigating the development of CPN circuity and disorders related with it.

Photo of Jaewon Heo

My scientific interests lie in exploring powerful molecular tools/techniques, and furthering their practical applications.

Photo of Garrett Wheeler

I am interested in studying neural regeneration and the intersection of developmental neuroscience and medicine.


Photo of John Hatch

I investigate the mechanisms responsible for building circuits in the cortex during development.

Photo of Kadir Ozkan

I am interested in cellular repair of upper motor neuron circuitry diseased in ALS and spinal cord injury. Besides, I investigate the development, connectivity, and diversity of corticostriatal neurons.

Photo of Jisoo Kim

I plan to focus on corticospinal developmental growth and regeneration, employing analysis of growth cone molecular machinery.

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