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Looking for opportunities in HSCRB?

Our busy department welcomes scientists who are passionate about stem cell and regenerative biology, whether it is to collaborate on a project, train in one of our labs, or study with our faculty.

If you would like to do your graduate or postdoctoral training with a member of HSCRB faculty, we encourage you to reach out to them directly. It is most helpful if you include a CV and letter of intention in your message.

Assistant Professor

Joint appointment with Boston Children’s Hospital

We are recruiting a tenure-track assistant professor together with the Stem Cell Program at Boston Children’s Hospital. This is joint appointment between HSCRB and Boston Children’s Hospital. We are looking for a scientist who is passionate about stem cell biology and regenerative medicine, whether it’s chromatin or transcriptional regulation, chemical biology, tissue regeneration, organoids, cancer or disease models.

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Search for and apply to non-academic positions in our department through Harvard’s career portal.

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