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Dustin Tillman

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Washington University in St. Louis (B.A. in Biology and Chemistry, 2019)

I grew up in Davis, California before attending Washington University in St. Louis as an undergraduate. There, I majored in biology and chemistry while characterizing the proteins that perform cytochrome c biogenesis with Robert Kranz. I have brought my love of proteins with me to the Macklis Lab and joined as a graduate student from Harvard’s Molecules, Cells, and Organisms Ph.D. program in February 2019. Now, I investigate how subcellular regulation of growth cone proteins leads to the construction of highly precise neural circuitry during cortical development.

Outside of the lab, I stay active through running, volleyball, and basketball. I am also an avid fan of my hometown sports teams (A’s, Kings, and Raiders), although Boston franchises can count on my halfhearted support when no conflict of interest arises. Remaining free time is usually spent with my nose buried in a book. I love novels from all genres of literature and am constantly looking for recommendations!

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