Scientific image of stem cells: insulin-producing beta cells.

Frontier research and innovative teaching at the interface of biology and medicine

Image of insulin-producing beta cells, courtesy of the Melton laboratory.

HSCRB Research

Combating disease and tissue degeneration and improving human health.

This is the ultimate goal of HSCRB’s research, whether it is focused on the most basic level of cellular development or screening chemical compounds for potential drugs. Our mission is to push the frontiers of stem cell and regenerative biology, illuminating the workings of human health and disease in both basic discovery and clinical settings.

Microscopy image: green blobs, red lines
In axolotl salamanders, the blastema - a collection of dedifferentiated cells and stem cells derived from stump tissues - orchestrates the regeneration of an entire limb. Image courtesy of the Whited Laboratory
Image of students in a lecture hall
Undergraduate students attend a lecture in HSCRB.

HSCRB Education

The best place to learn about stem cell science, at the graduate and undergraduate level.

HSCRB is the place to learn about stem cell science at both the graduate level and the undergraduate level. We are committed to transforming medicine by cultivating a deeper knowledge of stem cell and regenerative biology, and to training the next generation to explore new frontiers in biomedical science. All of our students conduct independent research.

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