Image of beta cells: bright red and blue blobs

Core Facilities

Beta cells under the microscope. Image courtesy of the Melton Lab

HSCRB core facilities support scientific researchers both within Harvard and across the Boston area.

These facilities provide scientists with access to highly specialized services, equipment, and expertise that cannot be supplied by an individual laboratory.

Joseph Vaughan, Assistant Director of Laboratories, has overall responsibility for the day-to-day operations, procedures, safety and personnel for our 5 core facilities and our 24 laboratories.  Please reach out to him with any questions, concerns or assistance.

Please see our contacts for core facilities page for a full list of facility contacts.

HSCRB Core Facilities

  • Flow Cytometry Core Facility: (Fairchild 162) Expert mammalian cell sorting and analysis.  Both tech and self service open to investigators of Harvard University and its affiliated institutions
  • Histology Core Facility: (Bauer B08) Professional and technical histological and immuno-histochemical services.  Both tech and self service open to investigators of Harvard University and its affiliated institutions
  • HSCRB/HSCI iPS Core Facility (Bauer B01) Human iPS cell line derivation and genome-editing services, as well as distribution of human pluripotent stem cell lines produced by Harvard scientists
  • Lab Services:  (Bauer B11) Centralized media preparation, glass wash and autoclaving and the department’s Glass Pipette program, a university Green award winning initiative. Services are available to science laboratories and investigators on the Harvard University’s Cambridge campus.
  • Genome Modification Facility:  (BRI B064) Transgenic, gene targeting, and other related mouse-model services to investigators of Harvard University and its affiliated institutions.
  • Live Cell Imaging Satellite: (Fairchild 133) The Bruker TruLive3d Lightsheet provides long-term, high-speed 3D imaging of live or fixed tissue. The system is designed for imaging of samples in water based media so it is unable to accommodate any cleared tissue samples. The system utilizes a unique trough samples holder design, allowing or visualization of samples without the need to embed them in agar or other restraining media.


Other core facilities

HSCRB scientists use many different cores across Harvard. Here, we share the ones that are used most regularly by members of our department.

Bioinformatics and computing

FAS Bauer Core

Supporting technologies ranging from complex multi-laser flow cytometers to simple spectrophotometers

Harvard Catalyst

A comprehensive list of Harvard’s biomedical cores

FAS Research Core Facilities

FAS core scientific facilities provide faculty, researchers, and students with an array of specialized equipment, technologies, and services to support innovative research.

HMS Core Facilities

HMS cores provide access to highly specialized services, equipment, and staff that would otherwise be too expensive for an individual laboratory to support.
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