Image of beta cells: bright red and blue blobs

Core Facilities

Beta cells under the microscope. Image courtesy of the Melton Lab

HSCRB core facilities support scientific researchers both within Harvard and across the Boston area.

These facilities provide scientists with access to highly specialized services, equipment, and expertise that cannot be supplied by an individual laboratory.

HSCRB core facilities

Other core facilities

HSCRB scientists use many different core facilities across Harvard. Here, we share the cores that are used most regularly by members of our department.

Bioinformatics and computing

FAS Bauer Core

Supporting technologies ranging from complex multi-laser flow cytometers to simple spectrophotometers

Genome Modification Facility

Transgenic, gene targeting, and other related mouse-model services to investigators of Harvard University and its affiliated institutions

Harvard Catalyst

A comprehensive list of Harvard’s biomedical core facilities

FAS Research Core Facilities

FAS core scientific facilities provide faculty, researchers, and students with an array of specialized equipment, technologies, and services to support innovative research.

HMS Core Facilities

HMS Research Core Facilities provide access to highly specialized services, equipment, and staff that would otherwise be too expensive for an individual laboratory to support.
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