cerebral cortex projection neuron development, diversity, disease and regeneration

About the Macklis Lab

Highlights from the Macklis Lab

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Tour the Macklis Lab

Walking through Harvard Yard and on past Harvard’s Science Center, you will find the Cabot Science Complex and our lab in the Bauer Laboratory building, which shares a courtyard with the Sherman Fairchild, Naito, and Converse buildings.

On the first floor of Bauer, you will find the Macklis lab!

Diptych of a laboratory: views from outside and inside.

Even before walking in the Macklis Lab, you’ll find us at our lab benches through the glass windows. Looking around the lab, you’ll see us working on a diversity of projects.

Photo of Macklis Lab members at work

Macklis Lab projects involve molecular biology, biochemistry, cell culture, mouse genetics, cell & circuit labeling, imaging.

Photo of Macklis lab culture equipmentMacklis Lab members analyzing cells, tissue sections, and whole-mount brains in bespoke tissue culture and histology rooms.

Photo of people working in microscopy rooms

In the Macklis Lab, plenty of time is spent in the darkness of our microscopy rooms, acquiring images and montages of our mouse brain (cerebral cortex and spinal cord, in particular) and both mouse and human cellular samples.

Photo of people working in the electroporation and stereotactic procedure room

Much of the magic happens in the electroporation and stereotactic procedure room. Here, we perform various types of surgery using asceptic technique: ultrasound guided and stereotaxic labeling, electroporation, and other in vivo manipulations. We also share an electrophysiology rig with the Murthy lab, to study the functional integration of neocortical neurons.

Montage of four photos: people at desks, lounging, and interacting in various ways

When we’re not at our benches, you can find us brainstorming in the small conference room, working at our desks, or kicking back in our lounge.

How to arrange a visit

If you would like to meet the Macklis Lab, please contact Prof. Jeffrey Macklis.

We hope to see you soon!

We welcome new members

Our lab considers new members at all levels on a rolling basis, maintaining roughly “steady state” size as postdocs, Ph.D. students, and undergraduate thesis students move on to next career stages.

Postdoc applicants

Please email Prof. Jeffrey Macklis a short introduction to your career so far, a short description of your research and career interests and their connection to our lab, your CV, and names of 3-4 references.

Harvard graduate students (PiN, BBS, MCO, Biophysics)

Please email Prof. Jeffrey Macklis to discuss a potential rotation. Please briefly introduce yourself and your background; attach a CV/resume if available. We welcome rotation students every year.

Harvard undergraduate students

Please email Prof. Jeffrey Macklis to introduce yourself, your research background (if any; none required), and interests. Please attach a resume/CV if available. We consider students for thesis research in HDRB, Neurobio, MCB, CPB, OEB concentrations (potentially others).

Harvard is an equal opportunity employer, and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, creed, national origin, ancestry, age, protected veteran status, disability, genetic information, military service, pregnancy and pregnancy-related conditions, or other protected status.

Getting here

Detail of Harvard map, Cambridge campusThe Bauer Building is situated between Oxford Street and Divinity Ave, and shares a courtyard with the Converse, Naito, and Sherman Fairchild buildings. Enter the revolving doors and you will see a stairwell with glass walls. Our lab is one flight up. Wheelchair access is via the elevator in the Naito building.

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