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Administrative team

Administrative Leadership

Photo of Kelly Rush

Kelly Rush is the Senior Administrative Coordinator for HSCRB. He offers administrative support to the Executive Director; Amy Wagers, Faculty Chair, and her Lab; as well as handling a portfolio of departmental events.

Research Compliance

Our Research Compliance team supports our research program, assisting HSCRB labs with new protocols, protocol amendments, data and material transfer agreements and guidance on the applicability of relevant laws, regulations, guidelines and policies. They will work with the labs to liaise with relevant departments and committees such as the Institutional Review Board (IRB), Embryonic Stem Cell Research Oversight Committee (ESCRO) and Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC).

Photo of Kristen Elwell

Kristen Elwell is the associate director of research policy an compliance. She oversees the research compliance team at HSCRB, focusing on areas of non-financial compliance such as research subject to IRB and ESCRO oversight

Photo of Eva Tomczyk

Eva Tomczyk (Evie) is the Senior Research Compliance Manager at HSCRB.

Photo of Tanya Thrasher

Tanya Thrasher is the Research Compliance Coordinator at HSCRB.  She serves as point person for iPS Core fee-for-service activities, reviews grant proposals for compliance with existing protocols, and assists in drafting/editing/submitting IRB and ESCRO applications, renewals, and amendments.

Education and Training

Our education team supports faculty in all aspects of course design and implementation. In addition, we offer academic and career advising to students, as well as foster a community of interest in the realm of developmental and regenerative biology.

Photo of Bill Anderson

Bill Anderson is the Director of Education and provides administrative leadership and support for the undergraduate, graduate, and medical teaching mission in the Department of Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology at Harvard University.

Photo of Amie Holmes

Amie Holmes is the Assistant Director of Undergraduate Studies and manages the Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology concentration at Harvard College.

Photo of Julie Park

Julie Park is the Assistant Director of Graduate Studies in the Department of Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology at Harvard University, working primarily with the MS/MBA Biotechnology: Life Sciences degree program in conjunction with the Harvard Business School.

Photo of Maddie Balman, Ph.D.

Maddie Balman is a Curriculum and Pedagogy Manager in the Department of Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology at Harvard University.

Photo of Lauren Sullivan

Lauren Sullivan is a Curriculum and Pedagogy Manager in the Department of Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology at Harvard University.

Photo of Maria Para

Maria Para is the Education Program Coordinator in the Department of Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology at Harvard University.

Photo of Michael Cleary

Michael Cleary is the undergraduate research curriculum coordinator. He oversees the undergraduate labs and provides support and guidance to students, course assistants and teaching fellows.

Photo of Kayla Nygaard

Kayla Nygaard is the Curriculum Fellow for the Developmental and Regenerative Biology (DRB) Program at Harvard University and organizes events and supports student-run programming.

People Support Specialists (PSS)

PSS provides personnel-related administrative support (ie. HR, payroll, etc), including fielding questions concerning the academic appointment and reappointment process, visa sponsorship, payroll, taxes, maternal and paternal leave, and health and University benefits. The team also provides administrative and on-site logistical support for the coordination of HSCRB's seminar series, meetings for visiting faculty and faculty search candidates, department retreats and social events, and other academic, administrative, or community building programs as needed.

Photo of Daniel Oliver

Daniel Oliver supports faculty in a broad capacity, including administrative support for department initiatives such as the Harvard Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Seminar Series, annual department retreat, faculty searches, faculty meetings, and committees.

Photo of Sarah Hetman

Sarah Hetman is the Administrative Coordinator for Academic Affairs for SCRB.

Photo of Laura Veronica Chavez

Laura Chavez is the administrative coordinator. I am working with academic appointments for postdocs and temps in the labs.

Photo of Michael Finklea

Mike Finklea is the operations Coordinator, overseeing critical operational and administrative functions within the department. Mike has been with the university for 38 years and has been with the department since its inception in 2008. Mike is responsible for coordinating a variety of operational and logistical processes.

Finance and Business Operations

The Business Operations Team’s mission is to support the HSCRB community in buying and paying for all goods and services efficiently while safeguarding our resources and securing integrity of each transaction. Operationally, we work with all members of the community to ensure all of us use the university’s systems successfully, apply financial policies consistently, and pair effective internal accounting controls with smooth workflow and business processes.

For complex purchases we help users review supplier contracts to protect our rights and minimizes risks. For internal purchase of services, such as HSCRB Core Facility services, we manage the financial for rate development and expense recovery. For cross-Affiliates research collaboration, we coordinate the lifecycle of drafting, executing, billing, payments, amendments, and tracking.

In addition to business operations, Michelle Wong, Senior Financial Officer, manages faculty effort cost-sharing, incentive-return distribution, and assists the HSCRB community with setting up non-sponsored accounts, such as gifts, endowments, and funds that can be used to hold non-sponsored prizes and awards, including funds allocated from Harvard internal sources.

Photo of Michelle Wong

Michelle Wong is the Senior Financial Officer, responsible for the full spectrum of financial operations in cash management, including day-to-day financial systems implementation and the department’s interpretation of the University’s financial/spending policies.

Photo of Andy Stephenson

Andy Stephenson is the Accounting and Business Operations Manager, supporting HSCRB in overseeing purchasing goods/services, reimbursements, service center recharge, and billing agreements across the labs for financial integrity and policy compliance.

Photo of Khizar Jahangir

Khizar Jahangir is the Accounting and Business Operations (ABO) Team leader. As a member of the ABO team, he can help with procurement, reimbursements, service center billing, and billing agreements.

Photo of Shannon Caruso

Shannon Caruso is a Financial Associate on the ABO team. She is happy to help with all things procurement, reimbursements, service center billing, and billing agreements.

Photo of Bernice Rainey

Bernice Rainey is a Financial Associate II.

Sponsored Research

The Sponsored Research Administration Team is responsible for the full life cycle in the management of sponsored research awards, including grants, contracts and fellowships, from assisting in finding funding opportunities, to proposal application, award administration, reconciliation, and closeout. Our team provides guidance and assistance in applying for the full range of sponsored research awards including from federal, foundation and corporate sponsors. We partner with central Harvard offices to ensure the smooth operation of proposal preparation, submission and financial administration. The Sponsored Research Administration Team also ensures, in collaboration and partnership with offices across the Department and the University and with our sponsors, compliance with all federal and non-federal regulations and with the terms and conditions of each sponsored award. Particular areas of compliance include effort reporting, subrecipient monitoring, cost allocation methodologies, progress reporting, billing agreements, cost transfers, equipment purchase and re-budgets. Our team also provides holistic financial projections of sponsored funding to enable labs to plan and manage their funding requirements over time.

Photo of Irina Zhygalko

Irina Zhygalko is the Associate Director of Sponsored Research.

Photo of Lepka Gagoska

Lepka Gagoska is the Sponsored Research Manager.

Photo of Doris Drake

Doris Drake is a Senior Sponsored Research Administrator.

Photo of Beth McKay

Beth McKay is a Senior Sponsored Research Administrator.

Photo of Liz Palomino

Liz Palomino is a Sponsored Research Administrator.

Lab Operations

The lab operations team supports our research and the departments mission by providing centralized service and support. We operate Service Center facilities within the department including the Histology and Immunohistochemistry Core, the Flow Cytometry Core, the Genome Modification Core and the Lab Services Core that includes glasswash, media prep and autoclaving for all 24 labs. In addition to our Core facilities, we oversee all departmental equipment including essential capital resources that include analytical instrumentation, imaging systems and department shared equipment.

Photo of Joseph Vaughan

Joseph Vaughan is the Assistant Director of Laboratories, responsible for the day-to-day departmental and operational procedures for our labs, including animal experimental protocols (IACUC), laboratory microbiological safety (COMS), chemical and radiation use, and controlled substances.


The Communications team oversees all external communications for the department including the HSCRB website, social media platforms, and media inquiries, as well as internal communications such as department-wide announcements and strategic planning.

Photo of Joelle Zaslow

Joelle Zaslow is the Communications Officer for HSCRB, overseeing all internal and external communication activities for the department.

Faculty Assistants

Photo of Sarah Atanasov

Sarah assists the Melton lab supports Dr. Arlotta with administrative duties.

Photo of Divya Gala

Divya Gala joined the Arlotta Lab from Stanford University, where she was an administrative associate in the Biology Department. Prior to Stanford,  she supported research leadership in the Department of Pathology at The University of Chicago. She studied English Literature and Classical Antiquity at DePaul University.

Photo of Jane LaLonde

Jane is the Rubin Lab Administrator, providing logistical and organizational support to Lee Rubin and members of the laboratory. Jane earned a B.S in Social Work at Syracuse University, and a B.F.A at Massachusetts College of Art and Design (MassArt).

Photo of Christina Noonan

Christina Noonan provides support to Franziska Michor, her lab, the Center for Cancer Evolution (CCE) and the Cancer Immunologic Data Commons (CIDC).

Photo of Hani Singer

As the lab manager, Hani is responsible for the coordination between the researchers, administration, and lab operations to facilitate the various projects of the Whited Lab. His focus is on increasing the efficiency of the lab and creating an enjoyable work environment.

Photo of Emily Voce

Emily Voce is the Administrative Lab Manager for the Fishman and Hsu labs.

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