Flow Cytometry Core

Harvard's Department of Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology operates the HSCRB-HSCI Flow Cytometry Core located in the Sherman Fairchild building (SF-162) on the University’s Cambridge Campus. Thanks to the generous support of the Harvard Stem Cell Institute (HSCI), the core’s services are available to HSCI members at substantial discounts.

Instruments and Experimental Set-up

The HSCRB-HSCI Flow Cytometry Core includes the following instruments for flow cytometry and cell sorting:

  • 15-parameter BD FACSAria II "Norman" for four-way sorting and analysis. For self use and mid range cell sorting.
  • 15-parameter BD FACSAria II+ "Mimi" for four-way sorting and analysis. Customized for small particle to average cell (<0.1 microns) sorting.
  • 15-parameter BD FACSAria III "Bertha" for four-way sorting and analysis. Customized for average to large cell (>0.1 micron) sorting.
  • 15- parameter BD LSR II for analysis
  • 9 parameter Miltenyi MACSQuant for analysis and cell counting.
  • Apple Mac Pros with Flo Jo for analysis.

The Core is dedicated to mammalian cell sorting and analysis. For non-mammalian FACS services, please see FAS Systems Biology Flow Cytometry Core located in the North West Laboratory Building on the Cambridge north campus.

Services and Fees

These are the fees in effective as of August 2015. They are subject to change as Core usage and resources change. HSCI members qualify for a subsidy that substantially reduces the cost of these services – please contact Joyce LaVechhio for more information.

FACS-Aria (operator.-assisted) + Training FACS-Aria (self-operated)  FACS-LSR II (self-operated)




All fees are subject to indirect cost recovery at the University’s applicable rates. Rates for investigators at affiliated non-profit institutions are the same as Non-HSCI associates but include 69% Add-on fees. Rates for researchers at for-profit companies are $200/hour.

Hours of Operation

The HSCRB Flow Cytometry Core facility is available 24/7 for self-service to those who have completed the requisite training and have scheduled time on the instruments. Please contact Joyce Lavecchio for more information regarding training and procedures.

Technician assisted sorting and training are available Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

To schedule technician assisted or self service time on the instruments, users must first get a username and password by going our affiliated Joslin site Joslinresearch.org, then click on Cortex Application Suite and request a username and password from the Joslin MIS dept.

Operation and Staff

Joyce Lavecchio, Giri Buruzula, and Silvia Ionescu are available to perform sorting and analysis and assist researchers who are approved to self sort. Please feel free to contact any of our operators to answer your questions about available services, training, scheduling equipment, work requests, billing and technical issues regarding flow cytometry, FACS sorting and analysis. A FACS Faculty Steering Committee composed of Drs. Wagers, Melton and Macklis advise the operation of the departmental facility.

Joe Vaughan, Assistant Director of Laboratories, oversees HSCRB lab operations including Service Cores and Research Cores; please feel free to contact Joe with any questions, suggestions or concerns.