Diversity, Inclusion, Belonging, and Equity

HSCRB is dedicated to building a diverse and inclusive environment for learning and working. We recognize that historically underrepresented groups in academia play an integral part in the department’s two-fold mission of exceptional education and cutting-edge research. We believe that global problems necessitate global solutions, and that global means everyone.

At HSCRB, we strive to attract and retain individuals from diverse backgrounds. Through community initiatives, feedback, and training, we are intentionally creating an environment where all our members are empowered to thrive. Building this culture is vital to our department’s continued growth and success.

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Our DIBE Committee represents the many diverse groups in our community, including students, trainees, research and administrative staff, and faculty.

We welcome everyone in HSCRB who is interested to join our committee. For more information, please contact co-chairs Ozge Vargel Bolukbasi or Dani Oliver.

Our meetings for the 23-24 Academic Year are hybrid, taking place on the Cambridge campus and on Zoom on the following dates at 3PM:

  • September: 9/25/23
  • October: 10/23/23
  • November: 11/27/23
  • January: 1/29/24
  • February: 2/26/24
  • March: 3/25/24
  • April: 4/29/24
  • May: 5/20/24
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