Diversity, Inclusion, Belonging, and Equity

HSCRB is dedicated to building a diverse and inclusive environment for learning and working. We recognize that historically underrepresented groups in academia play an integral part in the department’s two-fold mission of exceptional education and cutting-edge research. We believe that global problems necessitate global solutions, and that global means everyone.

At HSCRB, we strive to attract and retain individuals from diverse backgrounds. Through community initiatives, feedback, and training, we are intentionally creating an environment where all our members are empowered to thrive. Building this culture is vital to our department’s continued growth and success.

Diversity, Inclusion, Belonging, and Equity (DIBE) Committee

The Diversity, Inclusion, Belonging, and Equity (DIBE) Committee serves as both an advisory and action committee, providing recommendations to HSCRB leadership and initiating efforts to improve our department. Our goal is to make our community a more welcoming and inclusive place for everyone.

Who we are

  • Sarah Hetman, co-chair, Academic Affairs
  • Alana Van Dervort, co-chair, Melton Lab
  • Daniela DiBella, Arlotta Lab
  • Francesco Limone, Rubin Lab
  • Gosia Sklodowska, Human Resources
  • Holly McKee, Macklis Lab
  • Jenny Babon, Melton Lab
  • Jose Rivera-Feliciano, Melton Lab
  • Lisa Fountain, Education
  • Noelia Anton Bolanos, Arlotta Lab
  • Ozge Vargel Bolukbasi, Wagers Lab
  • Ruth Franklin, Faculty
  • Stan Gill, Rubin Lab

Join our committee

We represent the many diverse groups in our community, including students, trainees, research and administrative staff, and faculty.

We welcome everyone in HSCRB who is interested to join our committee. For more information, please contact co-chairs Sarah Hetman or Alana Van Dervort.

The committee meets monthly on Zoom on the second Wednesday of the month from 1PM to 2PM.

Our alumni

  • Aurora Zhang, Arlotta Lab
  • Chiara Gerhardinger, Arlotta Lab
  • Cristina Santoriello, Fishman Lab
  • Jennifer Kenty, Melton Lab
  • Jessica Lau, Communications
  • Juan Alvarez, Melton Lab
  • Kavya Raghunathan,Eggan Lab
  • Maureen Herrmann, Harvard Stem Cell Institute
  • Nayara Leite, Melton Lab
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