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Media Prep, Glass Wash, and Autoclaving

All HSCRB laboratories located in the Bauer and Sherman Fairchild complex can use the Department’s glass wash and media prep facility.

Lab Services Core facility staff provide media prep, glass wash and autoclaving services, or trained lab personnel may use the facilities directly.

Services and Charges

The costs of glass wash and media prep, whether carried out by lab or core facility staff, are allowable expenses on sponsored awards. Services provided by glass wash and media prep staff are charged at an hourly rate. Laboratories are charged for use on a monthly basis. Overhead at the university’s applicable rate will be included on laboratory invoices.

Media prep surcharges for media

The hourly charge rate for glass wash and media prep (as of July 1, 2024) is $50.00. All fees are reviewed on a regular basis and are subject to change. There is a per-unit surcharge for media supplies.

Media surcharge $ per unit
LB/Liter 4.26
LB/0.5 L 2.14
LB/0.25 L 1.08
LB/0.1 L 0.42
Custom LB Plates/Sleeve 11.44
1X PBS/Liter 3.80
1X PBS/0.5 Liter 2.38
Gelatin (0.1%)/Liter 1.36
Gelatin (1.0 %)/Liter 5.14
50X TAE 11.44
Autoclaved water/Container 0.94

HSCRB Glass Pipette Program

HSCRB uses washable, reusable glass pipettes, which reduces cost and environmental waste. Contact LaTasha Jakes for information about costs and requirements.

Self-service: glass wash and media prep

HSCRB lab members may be trained to do glass wash and media prep. This training is required to use the facilities and equipment.

To arrange training, contact Taylor Chang, Research Operations Manager for FAS Division of Science.

Self-service requires laboratories to order their own supplies for media.

Notify LaTasha Jakes of your storage needs.

How to order services

Contact LaTasha Jakes, team leader, to order media, glass wash services or decon services, or to discuss your laboratory’s specific needs for glass wash and media.

How to reserve equipment and instrumentation

Use the equipment and instruments reservation system. A Harvard Research Computing account is required. You must also be able to show that you have completed training on the relevant equipment.


Please send any questions or feedback to Joe Vaughan, Assistant Director of Lab Operations and the primary point of contact for HSCRB core facilities.

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