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Contacts for Core Facilities

Joseph Vaughan, Assistant Director of Laboratories, is the primary point of contact for HSCRB core facilities and laboratory operations.

Flow Cytometry Core

Nema Kheradmand, Core Facility Manager (617) 496-3206

  • Fluorescence-activated cell sorting (FACS)
  • HSCRB-HSCI Flow Cytometry Core training and scheduling

Histology Core

Cathy MacGillivray, Histology Specialist  (617) 496-9802

  • Histology capabilities
  • Histology Core training and scheduling


Laurence Daheron, Core Facility Manager (617) 496-8059

  • IPS cells
  • HSCI iPS Core services and capabilities

HSCI Therapeutic Screening Center

Contact Lee Rubin, HSCRB faculty member, if you have questions about the center’s capabilities:

  • Therapeutic screening
  • Bioinformatics
  • Cheminformatics

Glass Wash and Media Prep Core

LaTasha Jakes, Laboratory Services Team Leader (617) 496-2415

  • Glass wash
  • Media preparation
  • Training and scheduling for lab services

Genome Modification Facility

Lin Wu, Director, Genome Modification Facility  (617) 495-7991

  • ES cell gene targeting
  • ES or IPS cell line service
  • Microinjection of ES or IPS cells, DNA, TALEN, or CRISPR


Laboratory Operations

Laboratory Safety

Joseph Vaughan, Assistant Director of Laboratories, has overall responsibility for the day-to-day, operational procedures for our labs, including microbiological safety (COMS), radiation use, and controlled substances.

HSCRB’s point of contacts for Harvard’s Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) Committee. EHS also helps our laboratories manage biological, chemical, physical, and radiological hazards.

  • Contact Beverly Neugeboren for EH&S biosafety, biosafety training and scheduling, and biosafety procedures in HSCRB laboratories.
  • Contact Mary Lindstrom for EH&S lab safety, laboratory safety training and scheduling, and any safety-related procedures in our laboratories.


Contacts for sponsored research administration, research compliance, finance, and laboratory operations are listed on our Administration page.

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