Lee Laboratory

Our goal is to understand heart failure and metabolic diseases that accompany human aging, as these diseases are now major barriers to healthy aging. We are interested in translating that understanding into therapies, including stem cell transplantation strategies and new biological agents.



Our approach is to understand human problems and design solutions in the laboratory, and then we demonstrate the effectiveness of these solutions in vivo. Ongoing projects in the laboratory include studies of cardiac regeneration, diabetes, aging, and metabolism.


SCRB 175

Glucose: From Molecule to Society

We will explore the biochemistry, cell biology, and physiology that make glucose our main source of energy. How did humans depend on and crave this molecule? What consequences does it hold for normal metabolism and disease? Students will integrate evolution, endocrinology, biostatistics, bioengineering, and regenerative biology approaches in considering sugar and all its consequences. Finally, we will evaluate legal and business issues necessary to move scientific and technical innovations from the laboratory to the patient.


Modern Civilization and the Rise of Heart Disease 

Heart diseases have plagued humans since ancient times, but only in the past century has heart disease become epidemic throughout the world. Despite great progress in prevention and therapy, heart diseases will be major causes of death and disability throughout the next century. Modernization of civilization has played a major role in the rise of heart disease. Conversely, advances in heart disease have powerfully changed society and our personal daily behavior. In this seminar, we will examine some of the major intersection events between heart disease and modern society over the past century and consider how this could change the next century in America and throughout the world. We will explore how major lifestyle factors such as tobacco, alcohol, exercise and diet affect health, and how economics and politics often play a role in the complex relationship of health and society. In addition, we will visit a high technology modern cardiology facility and watch some technology in action.

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