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Photo of Sharad Ramanathan

Sharad Ramanathan investigates how multi-potent stem cells make fate decisions to give rise to complex human tissues, and how the dynamics of key neurons in the nervous system drive behavioral decisions.

Photo of Giridhar Anand

Graduate student

Photo of Alexandru Bacanu

Postdoctoral Fellow

Photo of Alon Chappleboim

Postdoctoral Fellow

Research Fellow in Neurology, Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Photo of Seungyeun Cho

Graduate Student

Photo of Tianlei He

Graduate Student  (Weitz & Ramanathan Labs)

Photo of Roya Eskandari Huang

Graduate Student

Photo of Chenguang Li

Graduate Student (Kreiman & Ramanathan Labs)

Photo of Yuting Liu

MS candidate of Biostatistics and Computational Biology

Photo of Heitor Megale

Graduate student

Photo of Ashira Meyer

Graduate Student

Lab Technician

Photo of Rohini Subrahmanyam

Postdoctoral Fellow

Photo of William Weiter

Graduate Student

Photo of Ilker Yaman

Graduate student

Alumni (Academia)

Photo of Adele Doyle

Assistant Professor, University of California Santa Barbara

Photo of Sandeep Choubey

Faculty, Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Chennai, India

Photo of Zengcai Guo

Assistant Professor, Tsinghua University, China

Photo of Oskar Hallatschek

Assistant Professor, University of California Berkeley

Photo of Pascal Hersen

CNRS Paris, France

Photo of Sumin Jang

Postdoctoral Fellow, Columbia University

Photo of Askin Kocabas

Assistant Professor, Koc University, Turkey

Photo of Siyuan John Liu

MD PhD student at UCSF

Photo of Ethan Lowe

UMASS Worcester MD PhD program

Photo of Megan McClean

Assistant Professor University of Wisconsin Madison

Photo of Samuel Melton

PLS Fellow, MIT Physics

Photo of Iftach Nachman

Assistant Professor Tel Aviv University, Israel

Photo of Dmitri Pavlichin

Assistant Professor, Cornell University

Photo of Matthew Thomson

Assistant Professor California Institute of Technology

Photo of Theresa Weis

MD PhD University of Louville School of Medicine

Photo of Lingnan Zou

Research Assistant Professor, Penn State, USA

Photo of Steven Zwick

Non‐Clinical Research Fellow in the Jayaraj Rajagopal lab at Massachusetts General Hospital

Alumni (Industry)

Photo of Deniz Aksel

Cellino Biotech

Photo of Leon Furchtgott

Flagship Pioneer

Photo of Dann Huh


Photo of Jeffrey Lee

DiCon Fiber Optics

Photo of Josselin Milloz

Boston Consulting Group

Photo of Areez Mody


Photo of Hannah Shen


Photo of Jim Valcourt

DE Shaw Research

Joining our lab

We welcome developmental, molecular, cellular and neuro-biologists as well as physicists and engineers who want pursue fundamental and applied questions in developmental and neurobiology. Graduate students are welcome to drop by to talk to Sharad Ramanathan or lab members. Postdoctoral candidates, please send your application, a research statement and CV to Sharad Ramanathan, along with names of and contact information for three references. Letters of recommendation from these references should be sent separately.
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