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Jason Buenrostro, Ph.D.

Image of Jason Buenrostro, Ph.D.
Photo: Casey Atkins

Jason Buenrostro is an Associate Professor at Harvard University. In previous work, Dr. Buenrostro developed the ATAC-seq and single-cell ATAC-seq methods, which enable measurements of chromatin regulation at single-cell resolution. At Harvard University, the Buenrostro lab is broadly dedicated to advancing our knowledge of gene regulation and the downstream consequences on cell fate decisions. To do this, the Buenrostro lab develops new technologies employing approaches across molecular biology, microscopy and bioinformatics. Further, the Buenrostro lab applies these tools to study stem cells in normal, ageing and cancer tissues in effort to discover regulators of chromatin structure and their contribution to disease. Dr. Buenrostro earned a BS in General Engineering and a BS in Biology at Santa Clara University. He did his doctoral work with William Greenleaf and Howard Chang at Stanford University in the Department of Genetics.

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