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Paola Arlotta, Golub Family Professor of Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology and Chair of the Department of Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology recently received the Pradel Research Award for advancing understanding of the principles that govern the development of the brain. Arlotta is among 20 individuals recently honored by The National Academy of Sciences with awards recognizing their extraordinary scientific achievements in a wide range of fields spanning the physical, biological, social, and medical sciences.

The Pradel Research Award is presented annually to recognize mid-career neuroscientists whose work is making major contributions to our understanding of the nervous system. The award is presented with a $50,000 research award to designate to an institution of the recipient’s choice to support neuroscience research. Arlotta investigates the mechanisms that control the development of cellular diversity in the mammalian cerebral cortex, and explores how different cell classes communicate with each other to drive the formation of the key structural features of the cerebral cortex. She has made important contributions to generating and applying human pluripotent stem cell-derived brain organoid models to understand the development of the human cortex, and to investigate how the human brain is affected by neurodevelopmental and neuropsychiatric disease.

The winners will be honored in a ceremony during the National Academy of Sciences’ 161st annual meeting.

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Paola Arlotta, Ph.D.

Golub Family Professor of Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology