HSCRB faculty member Ya-Chieh Hsu, Ph.D. is the recipient of the 2020 LEO Foundation Award. The award recognizes extraordinary contributions to dermatology research that advance our understanding of skin diseases, and have the potential to pave the way for new and improved treatments.

Hsu is the Alvin and Esta Star Associate Professor of Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology. She studies how communication among different cell types builds functional skin, how miscommunication occurs during stress and cancer, and how cellular diversity can be rebuilt after injury.

“It is such an honor to receive this recognition,” Hsu said. “This LEO Foundation Award allows us to work on innovative ideas that will help to bring breakthroughs for patients suffering from severe injury, cancer, and many other skin diseases.”

Ya-Chieh Hsu.
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Ya-Chieh Hsu, Ph.D.

Professor of Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology

The full award announcement was published on the LEO Foundation website on May 15, 2020, under the title “The winner of the 2020 LEO Foundation Award for Region Americas – USD 100,000.”