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Arlotta Lab

Arlotta Lab

Cortical development and Neurodevelopmental Disease

Understanding how neuronal diversity is shaped and maintained in the cerebral cortex

We are working to define the molecular rules that shape and retain neuronal diversity in the cerebral cortex. Our research seeks to clarify how pyramidal neuron diversity affects the behavior of other neurons and glia to build functional cortical circuits, and explores the boundaries of the stability of postmitotic neuron identity in vivo.

While we are firmly rooted in development, we are also interested in understanding and modeling complex human cortical pathology. Our lab is developing new high-throughput in vitro models of human cortical development and neurodevelopmental disease using 3D cerebral organoids.

Areas of Investigation

Molecular principles that shape neuronal diversity during cortical development

Pyramidal neuron diversity and impact on cortical interneurons and myelin distribution

Modeling human cortical development and disease in vitro

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