Froberg JE, Durak O, Macklis JD. 2023. Development of nanoRibo-seq enables study of regulated translation by cortical neuron subtypes, showing uORF translation in synaptic-axonal genes. Cell reports. 42(9):112995. Pubmed: 37624698 DOI:S2211-1247(23)01006-9


Investigation of translation in rare cell types or subcellular contexts is challenging due to large input requirements for standard approaches. Here, we present "nanoRibo-seq" an optimized approach using 10- to 10-fold less input material than bulk approaches. nanoRibo-seq exhibits rigorous quality control features consistent with quantification of ribosome protected fragments with as few as 1,000 cells. We compare translatomes of two closely related cortical neuron subtypes, callosal projection neurons (CPN) and subcerebral projection neurons (SCPN), during their early postnatal development. We find that, while translational efficiency is highly correlated between CPN and SCPN, several dozen mRNAs are differentially translated. We further examine upstream open reading frame (uORF) translation and identify that mRNAs involved in synapse organization and axon development are highly enriched for uORF translation in both subtypes. nanoRibo-seq enables investigation of translational regulation of rare cell types in vivo and offers a flexible approach for globally quantifying translation from limited input material.
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Jeffrey Macklis investigates molecular controls and mechanisms over neuron subtype specification, development, diversity, axon guidance-circuit formation, and pathology in the cerebral cortex. His lab seeks to apply developmental controls toward brain and spinal cord regeneration and directed differentiation for in vitro mechanistic modeling using human assembloids.

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