Kumar D, Shadrach JL, Wagers AJ, Lassar AB. 2009. Id3 is a direct transcriptional target of Pax7 in quiescent satellite cells. Molecular biology of the cell. 20(14):3170-7. Pubmed: 19458195 DOI:10.1091/mbc.E08-12-1185


Pax7 is a key regulator of skeletal muscle stem cells and is required along with Pax3 to generate skeletal muscle precursors. We have identified a collection of genes induced by either Pax3 or Pax7 in C2C12 muscle cells. Two notable Pax3/7 targets are the inhibitory helix-loop-helix (HLH) proteins inhibitor of DNA binding (Id) 2 and Id3, both of which are coordinately expressed with Pax7 in quiescent satellite cells and are induced in quiescent C2C12 myogenic cells after ectopic expression of either Pax3 or Pax7. Ectopic Pax7 activates expression of a luciferase reporter driven by the Id3 promoter, and maximal induction of this reporter requires a conserved Pax7 binding site located upstream of the Id3 gene. Chromatin immunoprecipitation indicated that Pax7 is bound upstream of the Id3 promoter in quiescent satellite cells. In addition, short hairpin RNA-mediated knockdown of Pax7 expression in cultured satellite cells coordinately decreased both Id2 and Id3 expression. Together, these findings indicate that Id3 is a direct transcriptional target for Pax7 in quiescent satellite cells, and they suggest that Pax7 acts to block premature differentiation of quiescent satellite cells by inducing the expression of Id2 and Id3, which in turn may act to block either the precocious induction of myogenic basic (b)HLH proteins, the activity of myogenic bHLH proteins, or both.

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Amy Wagers seeks to change the way we repair our tissues after an injury. Her research focuses on defining the factors and mechanisms that regulate the migration, expansion, and regenerative potential of adult blood-forming and muscle-forming stem cells.

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