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Xiao Han, Ph.D.

I am a postdoc skilled in molecular and cell biology and dedicated to stem cell therapy and gene therapy. Since 2018 when I joined the Melton lab, I have been working on tackling the immune barrier in allogeneic beta-cell transplantation. Previously, I worked as a postdoc in Chad Cowan’s lab from 2015 to 2018, where I employed gene editing tools to generate hypoimmunogenic human pluripotent stem cells by knocking out HLA molecules and knocking-in the immunomodulatory factors. To test the immunogenicity of our products, I developed and conducted multiple in vitro and in vivo immunoassays. I obtained my PhD from Peking University in 2014. During my PhD training in Yongfeng Shang’s lab, I studied on epigenetic mechanisms in neural differentiation and breast cancer. I acquired my Bachelor of Science from Peking University in 2009.


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