Zebrafish swimming in a tank
Zebrafish in the Zon laboratory allow researchers to visualize drug responses at a single-cell resolution.

Zon Lab Research

In addition to the foundational research areas described below, our ongoing projects focus on:

  1. identifying additional relevant epigenetic regulators of melanoma onset,
  2. deconstructing the fundamental mechanisms of leflunomide’s action,
  3. monitoring and characterizing in vivo the molecular events governing melanoma initiation at cellular resolution,
  4. characterizing mechanisms of melanoma drug resistance, and
  5. analyzing mechanisms governing neural crest mobility.

Areas of Investigation

How do prostaglandins and other factors enhance HSC production?

Visualizing HSC engraftment into the niche using novel transgenic lines

Screening for factors that improve HSC engraftment in a transplant model

Chemical screening to improve anemic blood cells

Understanding the genetic and epigenetic regulators of all steps of hematopoiesis

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