MS/MBA Program

MS/MBA Biotechnology: Life Sciences

A joint degree that blends business, ethics, and life science

Harvard’s new dual degree program, MS/MBA Biotechnology: Life Sciences, aims to prepare the next generation of industry leaders with advanced training in business, ethics, and life sciences. Built in response to student demand, this novel approach to a Harvard MBA is for people with both an undergraduate degree in the life sciences and at least two years of work experience.

This intensive, two-year dual degree program will offer MS courses developed and taught by HSCRB faculty. The degrees are jointly offered by Harvard Business School (HBS) and the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS).

In the program, students will follow a core curriculum that focuses on business and includes courses in science and ethics. Intensive courses over the summer and in January, plus a broad range of electives in the second year, will ensure students can fulfil both business and science degree requirements.

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