What we can do for you

What We Can Do For You

HSCRB administrators are dedicated to achieving the Department’s goals in research and education. We support faculty in their roles as scientists, teachers, and University leaders. We support students’ efforts to learn and grow through coursework, lab experiences, and advising. We help each other in labs and offices throughout the Department and University to create a productive, supportive, and collegial work environment. Please stop by the Administrative Suite in the Bauer Laboratory Building so we can introduce ourselves.

Who can answer your question?


I need a key to ___.  How do I schedule a conference room or get my ID card programmed for building/facility access? Can I be set up to scan from an HSCRB copy machine?  How do I sign up someone in my lab to be the Coffee Machine Barista? Who I do contact for media issues in conference rooms, or issues with phones?

Contact         Mike Finklea 



How do I get on the HSCRB email list?  How does my lab sign up to host a TGIF or present the HSCRB Seminar Series? How can I get something posted on the digital screens in Fairchild? How can I schedule a meeting with the Executive Director?

Contact         Alicia Kelly



Other questions?  Alicia and Mike are ready with answers or directions to the right resource.  Stop by Bauer Administration Suite on the ground floor of Bauer Laboratories. 


How do I create and hire someone to a new staff position?  When do I get paid? Is my position in the Union? What is my regular work schedule, and am I eligible for overtime pay? When can I get my Harvard ID? How do I request paid time off? 

Contact         Gosia Sklodowska  Bauer Admin Suite #007




My office is leaking; my office is cold; the kitchenette sink is blocked. Can someone please take a look at that? How does CO2 get changed and who manages that?

Contact         It’s best to fill out a service request at:  www.netcasters.com/cgi


or contact: fixit@mcb.harvard.edu  

                        For emergencies, Jim Costello’s Pager:  




Is my appointment setup?  How do I get paid?  Do I get vacation days?  How do I renew a visa or an appointment?  Do I need to pay US taxes in addition to my native country taxes?

Contact         Danielle Oliver       Bauer Admin Suite #008




Who can help me with a fellowship application or a grant proposal?  I need to buy lab supplies, which account string may I use?

Contact         Bill Thompson 





What shared equipment does the department have and how may I use it? What lab safety training is required?  How can I get more lab space?  How can I find more cold room space? Are there back up freezers available?  How do I access glass wash and media prep services?  I have a questions about core facilities, how do I get access to spinal to reserve a time?

Contact        Joe Vaughan        




Where will I teach my course this fall? What are the guidelines for assigning grades? Who can help me order supplies for my lab course?  How do I become a TA/TF?

             Contact         Bill Anderson    Bauer #204




Are all the right approvals in place for me to conduct my research? How do I determine if my research is considered human subjects research? What do I need to do to bring new cells and tissues into my lab? How can I use iPS cells in my research. How do I make an amendment to an existing IRB or ESCRO protocol?

            Contact        Kristen Elwell  


When will my mice come out of quarantine? What do I need to do to bring new animals and animal tissue into my lab? How do I make an animal protocol or amendment to an existing IACUC protocol or COMS registration?  How can I get access to and learn the eProtocol systems?  I need a procedure room in the vivarium – how do I get access to one?  Where are the BL2 facilities?

Contact        Joe Vaughan  




How do I get reimbursed for qualified expenses?  How do I purchase and pay for lab or office supplies?  How do I purchase equipment?  How much do glass wash services cost?  How can I access the WVR Stockroom in Biolabs?  Where should I direct vendor collections call?  How do I arrange to bill other institutions for lab or event expenses I have incurred on their behalf?

            Contact         Michelle Wong      




For example, how do I get an email address and account?  My computer is not working – help!  I need to use Flow Jo or Geneious or some other software – how do I obtain it?

            Contact         Chris Chokureva