Nervous System Development and Disease

Eggan Laboratory

Our research is focused on understanding the contribution of environmental and genetic factors in the development of disease. The relative impact of these factors to pathogenesis is not well understood for many disorders. Complex interactions between genes and the environment have made it particularly difficult to develop accurate models for the sporadic and so called multifactorial forms of human disease.

Arlotta Laboratory

Programming, Reprogramming and Modeling of the Mammalian Cerebral Cortex

The execution of critical behaviors like movement, emotion, and intelligence relies on the orchestrated integration into functional circuits of an outstanding diversity of neuronal subtypes.... Read more about Arlotta Laboratory

Rubin Laboratory

Our laboratory focuses on translational, high-throughput research to model disease and develop drugs using stem cells. We have established an extensive range of complex image based assays that have been used to probe various properties of stem cells and of many cells derived from them. To accomplish this we use automated high content screening imagers, associated robotic equipment, and selected small molecule libraries. We combine our high throughput approach with detailed molecular studies to further our understanding of the mechanisms of disease and determine which compounds are most...

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