Zhang C, Jang S, Amadi OC, Shimizu K, Lee RT, Mitchell RN. 2013. A sensitive chemotaxis assay using a novel microfluidic device. BioMed research international. 2013:373569. Pubmed: 24151597 DOI:10.1155/2013/373569


Existing chemotaxis assays do not generate stable chemotactic gradients and thus--over time--functionally measure only nonspecific random motion (chemokinesis). In comparison, microfluidic technology has the capacity to generate a tightly controlled microenvironment that can be stably maintained for extended periods of time and is, therefore, amenable to adaptation for assaying chemotaxis. We describe here a novel microfluidic device for sensitive assay of cellular migration and show its application for evaluating the chemotaxis of smooth muscle cells in a chemokine gradient.

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Rich Lee seeks to understand heart failure and metabolic diseases that accompany human aging, and translate that understanding into therapies. Lee is an active clinician, regularly treating patients at Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

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