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Yasuhiro Itoh, Ph.D.

Image of Yasuhiro Itoh, Ph.D.

The University of Tokyo, Ph.D.

I joined the Macklis lab in September 2014 as a postdoctoral fellow. I am interested in the molecular mechanisms underlying how axon projections find their appropriate path and subsequently their postsynaptic targets to form intricate circuit. To tackle this question, I am focusing on the development of mouse cortical output neurons in two aspects: (1) Molecular controls over corticospinal neuron axon branching at specific spinal segments, in collaboration with Vibhu Sahni (now Assistant Professor @Cornell/Burke); (2) Molecular investigation over subcerebral projection neuron growth cone machinery, in collaboration with Anne Engmann and John Hatch, by applying experimental and analytic approaches recently developed in the lab (Poulopoulos*, Murphy*, Nature, 2019).

Prior to joining the Macklis lab, I did my PhD and Research Assistant Professor (termed “Jokyo” in Japan) in the laboratory of Dr. Yukiko Gotoh at the University of Tokyo. I studied molecular mechanisms underlying neuronal fate commitment of neural progenitors and their subsequent radial neuronal migration during mouse cortical development.


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