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Lisa Fountain

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Lisa Fountain is the Education Coordinator in HSCRB, supporting undergraduates and graduate students by providing information about courses, planning events, maintaining budgets, and appointing TFs and TAs for departmental classes.

With almost 20 years at Harvard, Lisa has served in various functions throughout the FAS, but working with students has been the most rewarding of her many roles.  Along with her official administrative responsibilities, she enjoys being “Mama SCRB”, offering guidance, support, life advice, information about fun things to do in and around Boston throughout the summer, and fresh baked chocolate chip cookies and hot breakfasts to nourish Harvard students as they navigate their way through the College.  In her spare time, Lisa can be found on a run around the Charles, in the kitchen experimenting with delicious gourmet recipes, or rescuing small toys found on her many walks through Cambridge by collecting them for the impressive plastic menagerie on display in her office.

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