Research Policy & Compliance

The Compliance Team is dedicated to enabling the research goals of the SCRB department while respecting the people who volunteer for and the animals used in the research. The Compliance Team fosters a community of responsible research at SCRB through centralized support for: facilitating protocol submission, serving as a resource to faculty and students on the laws, policies, and guidelines that pertain to a particular research project, and advocating for the science in policy discussions with the University as well as state and federal government.


What We Can Do For You

Click on this link to find some general compliance resources as well as links to lab specific resources.

Ask Joe about anything to do with animal research or microbiological use and safety

  • Animal care and use protocols and IACUC policies
  • Importing and exporting animals to and from Harvard
  • Microbiological safety (COMS) registrations and use
  • Material Transfer Agreements (Research animals) 

Ask Kristen or Mary Anna about anything to do with human material in research

  • IRB and ESCRO protocols
  • Using human biospecimens in your research
  • Material Transfer Agreements (stem cells/tissues) 

Ask Mary Anna about anything to do with the HSCI iPS Core

  • Deriving new iPS lines or modifying existing hES lines at the Core
  • Obtaining iPS or hES lines from the Core

Ask Kristen about anything to do with University, state or federal policies, guidelines or regulations pertaining to research

  • How particular policies or regulations apply to specific research scenarios
  • Questions about changes in policies and/or regulations and how they might affect research