Laboratory Operations

The laboratories and facilities of the Department of Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology are centered within the Bauer-Sherman Fairchild Science complex on Harvard University’s Cambridge campus. Scientific research is conducted in 17 to 20 labs occupying approximately 90,000 square feet in the complex. As an inter-institutional department, some members of the HSCRB faculty also have laboratories on other affiliated campuses including the Longwood Medical campus and at MGH. The laboratories of HSCRB employ nearly 250 post-doctoral fellows, graduate students, technicians and core staff members and is supported by $26 million in sponsored awards and federal grants.

The Assistant Director of Laboratories oversees the safe and effective operations of the research labs and facilities associated with HSCRB. The ADL provides the essential focal point for faculty, researchers, students and staff with respect to safe, compliant and efficient laboratory operations.

In addition, the ADL oversees and communicates with the various university entities involving areas such as microbiological safety, radiation use, and controlled substances as well as is a integral member of the Research Compliance team that oversees departmental compliance with federal, state, local and university regulations regarding animal research, animal experimental protocols, human subjects research and protocols, embryonic stem cell use protocols and induced pluripotent stem cell use. Conducting this research effectively, efficiently and in a safe and compliant manner is essential to accomplishing the Department’s research mission and protecting the University’s primary mission of education and research and ensuring that its members exhibit and promote the most outstanding research.

Ask Joe about anything to do with laboratory policies, procedures and protocols including research, compliance and safety

  • Departmental core facilities including HSCRB Laboratory Service Cores (Glass Wash/Media, Histology and Flow Cytometry)
  • Departmental research core facilities including the IPS cores and Therapeutic Screening core.
  • Laboratory resources, construction/renovation, animal facility resources, space assignments, shared equipment
  • Equipment management, equipment inventories, and equipment purchases
  • Laboratory Operations, Safety and Compliance; Point person for Lab Managers and laboratory staff

Ask Joe about anything to do with animal research or microbiological use and safety

  • Experimental animal care and use, experimental animal protocols and IACUC policies
  • Importing and exporting animals to and from Harvard
  • Microbiological safety (COMS) registrations and use
  • Material Transfer Agreements (for research animals and components)


HSCRB Service Core Facilities

 Ask LaTasha Jakes about Basic Lab Services (Glass Wash/Media Prep) capabilities, training and scheduling in the HSCRB Lab Services Core.

Ask Cathy MacGillivray about Histology capabilities, training and scheduling in the HSCRB Histology Core.

Ask Joyce LaVecchio about Fluorescence-activated cell sorting (FACS) capabilities, training and scheduling in the HSCRB-HSCI Flow Cytometry Core.


HSCRB-HSCI Research Centers and Core Facilities

Ask Laurence Daheron about Induced Pluropotent Stem cells and iPS services and capabilities in the HSCI iPS Core.

Ask Lee Rubin about Bioinformatics, Cheminformatics and Therapeutic Screening capabilities in the HSCI Therapeutic Screening Center.


HSCRB Laboratory Safety

 Ask Christine Tafoya about EH&S laboratory safety, safety training and scheduling, and safety procedures in HSCRB laboratories.

Ask Sid Paula about EH&S biosafety, biosafety training and scheduling, and biosafety procedures in HSCRB laboratories.

HSCRB Laboratory Safety