Education Administration

HSCRB is committed to the highest standards of undergraduate, graduate, and medical education. Toward that end, we provide support for faculty in all aspects of course design and implementation. In addition, we offer academic and career advising to students, as well as foster a community of interest in the realm of developmental and regenerative biology.


What We Can Do For Faculty

Ask Bill Anderson if you’re thinking of starting a new course, have questions about student researchers in your lab, or any other general question concerning education.

Ask Susi Jakob if you have questions about our laboratory based courses (SCRB 160, 162, 165), as well as our departmental gateway course, SCRB 10.

Ask Lisa Fountain about SCRB 91r and SCRB 99, course scheduling, rooms, teaching a freshman seminar, and TA/TF appointments, as well as questions about the Developmental and Regenerative Biology graduate program.


What We Can Do For Undergraduate Students

Concentration in Human and Developmental Biology (HDRB)



Research opportunities


What We Can Do For Graduate Students

PhD Program in Developmental & Regenerative Biology

SCRB 200/300 – Graduate research seminar

Opportunities to rotate or do thesis work in an HSCRB lab