Budget & Business Office

The Budget & Business Office supports our faculty, researchers, staff and students in acquiring goods and services efficiently and secures the financial integrity of the Department. Operationally, we develop the annual budget and recharge rates, account for spending, implement accounting controls, coordinate billings and purchases, forms of payment and reimbursement, account and document transactions, maintain systems access, and serve as liaison to FAS Finance, Financial Policy Office, Strategic Procurement, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and internal and external suppliers.

What We Can Do For Faculty Members

Ask Michelle about how faculty discretionary funds work and what financial programs and policies are relevant

•  Setting up, accessing, and budgeting discretionary funds


•  How salary incentive program or department cost-sharing works

•  How to recover expenses, receive revenues and move funds across institutions

•  On-boarding resources review and University and FAS financial policies overview


•  Budgeting start-up funding


•  Setting up financial systems access, permission levels,

•  How to apply for a PCard or a Corporate Card

What We Can Do For Lab Managers And Admin Designated Shoppers

Ask Andy, Bernice, Khizar, Shannon or Michelle about buying, paying for, and recharging costs of goods and services:

•  Systems navigation training and procurement-to-pay policies and processes

•  HCOM permissions, training, how-to's, resources and daily trouble-shooting

•  Setting up special purchases such as stockroom pick-up, specialized materials and standing POs

•  Reviewing vendor pricing and purchase terms to take advantage of discounts and reduce contract risks

•  Providing resources for review and assisting with large equipment purchases

•  Authorizing daily purchase requisitions, change-orders, coordinate invoice payment to ensure compliance and accuracy

•  Recovery costs through recharge or salary agreement

•  Non-sponsored funds reconciliation and fund balances 

What We Can Do For Lab Administrators and Admin Colleagues

Ask Andy, Bernice, Khizar, Shannon or Michelle about corporate card tracking, PCard use, and out-of-pocket expense reimbursement policies and processes:

•  How to find and interpret University and FAS Travel and Reimbursement policies

•  How to navigate in Oracle, what forms to use, and what processes to follow

•  When and when not to use Pcard or Corporate Card

•  How to process non-payroll payment to individuals including fellowship payments, 1099 payment, or third-    party reimbursements 


•  How to process Health benefits, relocating expenses, reimbursement to future employees, 


The Business Team is set up so that each team member directly service a set of lab and admin groups.  Each team member is cross-trained and can help when the assigned member is absent for the day.  We are here to help, please don't hesitate to call, email or drop in.  The Business Team also holds a Business Operations Forum for all lab shoppers on the third Thursdays of each month to support HSCRB's Procure-to-Pay functions and responsibilities.