The Department’s scientific focus is the development, maintenance, and repair of vertebrate tissues. Emphasis is placed on using these aspects of biology to inform the understanding of human development and disease in clinical and basic science settings through an interactive network of hospital- and university-based research and education programs.

Academic Home

HSCRB is the academic home of 20 faculty and over 350 stem cell scientists conducting research on Harvard’s Cambridge and Longwood campuses as well as Massachusetts General Hospital, Children’s Hospital Boston, Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Brigham & Women’s Hospital, and the Broad Institute. Over 200 HSCRB scientists conduct work in the Bauer-Fairchild laboratories in Cambridge.

Research Home

HSCRB is also the home of the undergraduate concentration in Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology and the graduate degree program (in conjunction with HMS Cell Biology) in Developmental and Regenerative Biology. The Department’s emphasis on accelerating the path from discovery to therapies to improve human health makes it the perfect place for MD/PhDs to do their research.