Richmond CA, Shah MS, Carlone DL, Breault DT. 2016. Factors regulating quiescent stem cells: insights from the intestine and other self-renewing tissues. The Journal of physiology. 594(17):4805-13. Pubmed: 26670741 DOI:10.1113/JP271653


Long-lived and self-renewing adult stem cells (SCs) are essential for homeostasis in a wide range of tissues and can include both rapidly cycling and quiescent (q)SC populations. Rapidly cycling SCs function principally during normal tissue maintenance and are highly sensitive to stress, whereas qSCs exit from their quiescent state in response to homeostatic imbalance and regenerative pressure. The regulatory mechanisms underlying the quiescent state include factors essential for cell cycle control, stress response and survival pathways, developmental signalling pathways, and post-transcriptional modulation. Here, we review these regulatory mechanisms citing observations from the intestine and other self-renewing tissues.
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David Breault’s research focuses on identifying mechanisms underlying tissue homeostasis in self-renewing tissues, such as intestine, adrenal gland, and bone.

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