Craft AM, Johnson M. 2017. From stem cells to human development: a distinctly human perspective on early embryology, cellular differentiation and translational research. Development (Cambridge, England). 144(1):12-16. Pubmed: 28049688 DOI:10.1242/dev.142778


Over 100 scientists with common interests in human development, disease and regeneration gathered in late September 2016 for The Company of Biologists' second 'From Stem Cells to Human Development' meeting held in historic Southbridge. In this Meeting Review, we highlight some of the exciting new findings that were presented, and discuss emerging themes and convergences in human development and disease that arose during these discussions.
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Photo of April Craft

April Craft studies the development of cartilage and other synovial joint tissues, with hopes of applying this knowledge toward the development of therapeutics for disease attenuation and tissue regeneration and repair.

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