Chen JN, Fishman MC. 2000. Genetics of heart development. Trends in genetics : TIG. 16(9):383-8. Pubmed: 10973066


The genes that drive heart-cell differentiation in vertebrates and Drosophila are similar, even though the Drosophila 'heart' is a simple tube and the vertebrate heart is a multichambered physiologically complex organ. Mutational analysis in mice and, as particular focus of this review, in zebrafish, reveals the additional genes brought into play to fashion these evolutionarily 'new' organotypic components.

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Photo of Mark C. Fishman

Mark C. Fishman’s group studies the heart-brain connection. They employ a range of genetic, developmental, and neurobiological tools in zebrafish to understand what the heart tells the brain, and how critical internal sensory systems adjust homeostatic and somatic behaviors, including social interactions.

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