Burkewitz K, Zhang Y, Mair WB. 2014. AMPK at the nexus of energetics and aging. Cell metabolism. 20(1):10-25. Pubmed: 24726383


When energy supply is low, organisms respond by slowing aging and increasing resistance to diverse age-related pathologies. Targeting the mechanisms underpinning this response may therefore treat multiple disorders through a single intervention. Here, we discuss AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK) as an integrator and mediator of several pathways and processes linking energetics to longevity. Activated by low energy, AMPK is both prolongevity and druggable, but its role in some pathologies may not be beneficial. As such, activating AMPK may modulate multiple longevity pathways to promote healthy aging, but unlocking its full potential may require selective targeting toward substrates involved in longevity assurance.
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Will Mair investigates the molecular pathways underpinning the aging process, with the goal of using this knowledge to develop novel therapeutic strategies to treat age-onset disorders.

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