Brown J, Quadrato G, Arlotta P. 2018. Studying the Brain in a Dish: 3D Cell Culture Models of Human Brain Development and Disease. Current topics in developmental biology. 129:99-122. Pubmed: 29801532 DOI:S0070-2153(18)30045-0


The study of the cellular and molecular processes of the developing human brain has been hindered by access to suitable models of living human brain tissue. Recently developed 3D cell culture models offer the promise of studying fundamental brain processes in the context of human genetic background and species-specific developmental mechanisms. Here, we review the current state of 3D human brain organoid models and consider their potential to enable investigation of complex aspects of human brain development and the underpinning of human neurological disease.
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Photo of Paola Arlotta

Dr. Arlotta is interested in understanding the molecular laws that govern the birth, differentiation and assembly of the cerebral cortex, the part of the brain that controls how we sense, move and think. She integrates developmental and evolutionary knowledge to investigate therapies for brain repair and for modeling neuropsychiatric disease.

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