Ryoji Amamoto

I'm a graduate student in the BBS program. I was born and raised in Japan until I was 8 years old, and once I was in the US, I spent most of my life in Chicago. I went to University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign as an undergrad, majoring in neurobiology. Afterwards, I spend a year in Switzerland as a Fulbright Fellow in the lab of Professor Patrick Aebischer.

At Harvard, I joined the lab of Professor Paola Arlotta, and I am currently studying the mechanism of brain regeneration in non-mammalian vertebrates, namely the axolotl and the zebrafish. I'm interested in understanding how such incredible organisms can regenerate complex systems such as the brain and applying these fundamental mechanisms to the mammalian brain.

Outside of the lab, I am one of the co-captains on the men's club volleyball team here at Harvard so you can often find me at the gym or on the sand courts.