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Maitreyi Upadhyay, Ph.D.

Image of Maitreyi  Upadhyay, Ph.D.

Maitreyi Upadhyay is a Preceptor in the Department of Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology at Harvard University. As a preceptor, she is responsible for managing the numerous courses within the department, namely SCRB 50 – Building a Human Body: From Cell to Tissue to Organ.

Mity has spent the majority of her life in India, where she obtained her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Biotechnology and taught as an Assistant Professor for two years at Hislop College, Nagpur. After moving to the US, she received her Ph.D. from the University at Albany, SUNY, New York in Dr. Prash Rangan’s lab where she studied the conserved soma-germ line interaction during Drosophila oogenesis. As a Postdoctoral Fellow, and now as an Associate Research Fellow in Dr. Cassandra Extavour’s lab in the Department of Organismal and Evolutionary Biology at Harvard University she studies the germ plasm component Oskar in Drosophila oogenesis.

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