Nicole Herrera

My name is Nicole Herrera, and I’m a Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology (HDRB) concentrator, with a secondary in psychology and a citation in French. I was born and raised in New Jersey, where my close-knit, energetic Hispanic family encouraged my early interest in life sciences.

At Harvard, classes such as LS1B and SCRB10, which introduced me to genetics, global health, and child development, solidified my desire to concentrate in HDRB. Furthermore, exceptional upper level courses such as SCRB167, have allowed me to learn about human disease, interact with medical patients, and discuss innovative research to change way diseases are treated. In addition to my academic endeavors, I volunteer at a clinic for underserved communities, and at a shelter that provides resources for homeless people.

I’m also a member of three Harvard dance groups - Passus, Expressions Dance Company, and Taps - that perform amazing step, hip-hop, and tap dance routines throughout the semester. Finally, I spend my time exploring and learning from the vibrant, diverse students and faculty found in this remarkable university.