Margaret Irwin

I am an undergraduate concentrating in HDRB with a secondary in Global Health and Health Policy. I am originally from Toronto, Canada. I have worked in Chad Cowan's lab for the last two years, where the research I have done has focused on human metabolic and endocrine disease, such as insulin resistance and diabetes.

My interest into the complexities of metabolic and endocrine functioning has also extended beyond my work in the Cowan lab; I have done clinical research at the Hospital for Sick Children (Toronto) into using metabolically restrictive diets to treat pediatric epilepsy and also have travelled to northern Canada (Moose Factory, Ontario) to study the prevalence and control of type 2 diabetes in these isolated, impoverished settings.

Outside of HDRB and lab, I row for the varsity women's lightweight crew team, am one of the co-chairs of the Currier House Committee and am a Peer Advising Fellow for the freshman class.