Welcome to the Macklis Lab

The Macklis Lab is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

As you approach our lab walking through the Harvard Yard, you will find the Bauer Laboratory Building.

On the 1st floor you can find the Macklis lab! Even before walking in, you'll find us at our lab benches through the glass windows. Looking around the lab, you'll see us working on a diversity of projects.

Some of these projects involve molecular biology, biochemistry, and immunolabeling.

We analyze cells, tissue sections, and even whole-mount brains in our tissue culture and histology rooms.

Plus, plenty of time is spent in the darkness of our microscopy rooms, acquiring snapshots and montages of our precious samples.

Finally, much of the magic happens in the room shown below. Here we perform various types of brain surgery using asceptic technique: ultrasound guided and stereotaxic labeling, electroporation, and other in vivo manipulations. We also share an electrophysiology rig with the Murthy lab, to study the functional integration of neocortical neurons.

When we're not at our benches, you can find us.... working at our desks, brainstorming in the small conference room, or kicking back in our lounge.

We hope to see you soon!

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