Lloyd Chen

I am an undergraduate at Harvard working in the Strominger Lab. I originally hail from New Haven, very close to Yale's campus, and had a lot of exposure to the vibrant college town community growing up.

I started getting serious about research when I joined a lab through the iGEM team sometime in high school, but my passion for stem cell biology only sparked once coming to Harvard and taking SCRB10. As an introductory stem cell biology class it served only as a general overview of the field, but this was enough for my freshman self to determine what I wanted to study for the rest of my time here.

My current project in the Strominger Lab investigates why maternal immune systems do not reject fetuses that also have a genetic contribution from the father, and we're specifically looking at the immune tolerance of human placental tissue throughout pregnancy. I am also pursuing a secondary in the Women, Gender, and Sexuality studies department to round out my liberal arts education, and in my free time I enjoy volunteering through PBHA, hiking, and trying new foods.